Friday, November 20, 2009

A Warm Welcome to Sexy Burger

There once was a man who set out to make the perfect burger.

I am not that man.

I, along with my girlfriend and friends, have set out to create literally dozens of the most creative and delicious burgers that this world has ever known. In fact, you may even say that this is the most important mission the world has ever known.

So we invite you all to come along with us on this journey of burger magic. This will be the place where we share pictures, stories, and ingredients. We are open to suggestions on names, ingredients, and beer combos, so feel free to share.

The ultimate goal of this burger orgy and adjoining blog is someday getting out of all our dead end jobs and starting the finest burger joint in the country.

We will be posting at least one burger per week, starting with the Taco Burger, followed by the Spaghetti and Meatball Burger and the Thanksgiving Burger.

So put on some stretchy pants, grab a beer or 10, get a roll of TP ready, and enjoy the Sexy Burger odyssey.

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