Sunday, December 13, 2009

Devil 3some me please!

* The following post was written immediately after Mr. LickleTickle devoured the Devil's 3Some *

I feel like a kid right now.

The Devil's 3Some, a name that would make my parents cringe, might also make them smile. It would bring them back to the days when us kids would mosey down to the kitchen mid-morning, groggy from doing important kid stuff late last night (like 11:30pm),presenting us with a delicious cornucopia of breakfast goodies.

Pancakes, french toast, Eggo waffles, oh my! Give me cheesy scrambled eggs, crispy bacon and juicy sausages! Where's my syrup?! I need to soak my dish in it!!

My kid brain could hardly compute it. I would get super excited. I'd washed my hands and dive in!

It were these mornings that brought me such delight as I made my way through the Devil's 3Some. It evoked the same emotions that little Mr LickleTickle felt when he was just a wild, off-the-wall, 12 year old kid.

Now for some pictures:

Your local grocery store will provide all of the materials you need for the Devil's 3some. We did it late Sunday night (breakfast at night might be better than breakfast at breakfast because it's a total deviation from standard convention). The smell of these goodies had me jumping for joy.

Mark performing a magic trick. Well, that's what he told me.

This OJ didn't taste like the OJ I used to enjoy as a kid. It was a bit bubbly. It sure was delicious though!

Prof. Purple flipping and frying!

X Mark and Prof. Purple making my breakfast for dinner for me. In a strange way,


Take one waffle. Put a sausage pattie with cheddar cheese on it. Add a slice of french toast. Included one more sausage pattie with cheddar cheese. Top it off with one more waffle. Drizzle with syrup!!

This looks so good! It also tasted very, very good. I can't wait to tinker around with this burger again!

The Spot's take on the Devil's 3 Some

X-Mark's take on the Devil's 3 Some

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