Sunday, December 13, 2009

My Thoughts on the D3

Up until now I've been thrilled with most of these burgers. Burger night is the only thing keeping me on this earth I usually finish up eating, try not to throw up, question my life for the remaining hours of the night and pass out with visions of sugarplum burgers dancing in my head. While overall this was a decent burger, the actual ingredients didn't sit well with me and i need to discuss a few important points:

1. frozen breakfast foods (apart from Eggos) are disgusting. The answer is No. The French toast consisted of a mystery mush that can only be described as concerning. Something about the sausage conjured up images of ground rat meat and murder. The only thing worse that I can think of at the moment is

2.. that godforsaken Gap Christmas commercial (the one with the dancers wearing plaid) is making me seriously contemplate mass murder. I was thinking some sort of airborne virus but i have a limited budget. Matches are cheaper and very effective depending on the weather. Speaking of mass murder

3. The holocaust. Now that was a major bummer. Just about as bad as

4. that new MTV show The Jersey Shore and I quote, "If one thing led to another I wouldn't make him get off". I watched half of it and suddenly i feel like my brain has chlamydia. I'm off to bleach my soul.

Ok so none of this really has anything to do with hamburgers but guess what, this is my blog not yours.

It is important to realize that we were all a little hungover and lazy. This was a last minute burger and we would certainly make it again with better ingredients. I fully expect this one to be on the top of my list the next time around.

Long Live Breakfast For Dinner
See you next Burger!


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  1. So edgy. I guess thats what I get for dating a rock musician.

  2. Sexy Burger is a place of honesty and trust. We don't judge each other here. We say what we need to say and we say it hard. Then we draw hitler mustaches on it.

  3. If only you could have kept your hole as puckered as the lips of those "men"...