Sunday, December 6, 2009


Ahhh childhood. The days of innocence. The days of footy pajamas, cartoons, four square, kick the can, curiosity, hairless bodies, cooties, bedtimes, and one truly transcendent sandwich, the PB&J.

What a marriage of flavors. The creamy, buttery, nutty PB combined with the sweet, sticky, fruity J between the complimentary empty canvas of classic white bread, the PB&J is everything childlike: simple, sticky, and wildly entertaining.

On the heels of our adventurous Luau Burger, the Sexy Burger crew decided to truly experiment with the childhood inspired PB BJ (peanut butter burger jelly), the adult PB&J.

Many (including my culinarily gifted mother) scoffed. There was even slight dissent within the crew. But at the behest of the burger gods, we pressed on.

Personally, I was more excited about this burger than anyone we had made thus far. Stepping truly out of our and everyone's burger comfort zone truly puckered my butthole. This was the entire point of this expedition. Trying things that the rest of the world had not tried.

While the final product did not blow our mind, it was a 100% success and a totally viable menu option for the person who wants to recall the days of old. Of overalls, skinned knees, paper airplanes, sipping the foam off your dad's beer, wild eyed optimism, and sugar highs and lows.

  • Ground beef: A fairly empty template with which to color our PB&J.
  • Cream cheese: For our cheese representation we chose the softest and creamiest of the family and placed it between the beef patties. This made each bite ooze with cream cheesy goodness, but for 5 of us left something missing. The one who truly nailed this addition, Prof. Purple, also included jelly between the patties which gave the patties extra flavor and each bite more punch.
  • Toasted white bread: With or without crust, the toasted white bread helps to uphold the image of the classic PB&J.
  • Jelly: We used my favorite Seedless Raspberry Jelly. Being a notorious condiment fanatic, I think I underused this key ingredient. For this and the PB it is best to let the consumer serve him or herself.
  • Peanut Butter: We used creamy PB because I don't think the texture of chunky is necessary. This ended up overpowering the flavor of the burger so be advised not to use too much PB if you want to enjoy the J and the CC.
The adult PB&J. The PB BJ. A pleasant surprise. A legitimate success. As I mentioned last week in the Luau post, this just confirms the giant UNIVERSE of possibilities that a patty of ground meat between two slices of bread provides. Stay tuned til next week when we unveil a mouthwatering adult breakfast burger. And remember, if you can dream it, you can do it!

The PB BJ in Pictures

The PB BJ in Video

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  1. For a glorious moment I mistakenly read that you sipped the foam off your dad's BEARD! Blame it on illiteracy...or a case of wishful thinking...