Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Recliner? I hardly even knew her!

If sitting through 3 hours of Avatar in IMAX 3D isn't enough to make you drool like your grandmother, Jordan's Furniture in Reading MA certainly will.
We didn't get much time to take in the scenery due to the mad rush to the back of the IMAX line. Being over an hour early a five minute pit stop was allowed where we enjoyed some Liquid Fireworks to the tune of Christmas carols while simultaneously watching an acrobat nearly kill himself (at least from our vantage point) in the trapeze school.

In the 5 second period that X Mark loosened his chains on The Spot (yeah right, we all know it's the other way around) she was memorized by a little girl's bed shaped like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage. This caused the crew to become outpaced by a mother-daughter team that was far more focused than we were. It should be noted that the girl was at the appropriate age for someone who would be attracted to such a bed. Luckily around the next bend of the Jordan's maze, a pair of simple minded nerds who seldom leave their couch were scratching their heads looking for the theater. And thus we achieved no net loss in our spot in line.

For a full review on the movie itself please see the post below from X Mark and The Spot.

The theater itself is gorgeous. I had only been to IMAX at Jordan's in Natick MA and and this one seemed at least twice as big with a screen twice the size. Twice as awesome. Barry comes on the screen to remind people that these are the only two IMAX theaters with Tempur-Pedic seats, all of which have "Butt-Kicka's" attached to them so that you can "feel" the movie. With 100 seats stretching across the aisle I would have preferred "Butt-Pissa's" so you wouldn't have to step on 50 people and miss 5 min of the movie in order to take a wicked. There was also something about individual speakers in each seat but I didn't catch the details there. The clip is funny the first time but an update now and then would really make each viewing feel more like the unique experience they are trying to create.

After departing James Cameron's beautiful world called Pandora, we entered a delicious world called "Bean Town".

Yes, that is a giant banana split adorning an ice cream stand and yes, X Mark is geeking out in some 3D glasses.

Everything that you see is covered in Jelly Belly's to give it that Willy Wonka look.

The way we felt walking out of there must have been comprable to how an E-head feels walking out of an abandoned factory at 7AM with a throbbing head and vague memories of the most epic night ever. I imagine that if it weren't for the Pork Chop and Apple Sauce burger Sunday night a good chunk of the crew would be in purgatory yucking it up with Brittany Murphy as we speak. Too soon?

Stay Tuned, dear Burger Mob, for Part Two of the Burger Crew's Field Trip! In this episode, X Mark will take over (because of his aptitude for long winded posts) and consider X Marketing, meditate on Fuddruckers, and suppress memories of how Wally The Green Monster touched him as a child. Finally, The Revolutionary Man will return where The Burger Crew discovers...drum roll please...the origin of Cheeseburger soup, and quite possibly the universe as we know it!!!

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