Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sexy Business

Some breaking news in the Sexy Burger world.

No, the Revolutionary Man and the Kid aren't pregnant and Mr. Lickle Tickle has not come out of the closet.

About a week ago, a family member of one of the Sexy Burger Six, who we shall call Burger Mogul, heard about our adventure. Burger Mogul read our blog. Burger Mogul liked what Burger Mogul saw. Burger Mogul has interest in turning our little Sexy Burger fantasy, into a giant Sexy Burger reality.

While nothing is even imminent, we are probably still in the making out stage of eventual conception, this is pretty damn exciting to all of us. For one, it gives myself and the Revolutionary Man a chance to use the MBA's we have to develop a business plan, which up to this point have served as little more than fancy kindling to this point. For two, it makes that light at the end of a tunnel I mentioned in my first post ever so much brighter. For three, despite all the obvious potential failures in owning a restaurant, how cool would it be to own an ultra-creative restaurant and bar with 5 of their great friends? For four, fuck ya!

The Burger Mogul wants to give us a chance. A chance to dominate the burger universe for years to come. But first, Burger Mogul wants a real, full on, successful business plan.

And thanks to Al Gore for providing us with the Internet, we plan to share our process with our faithful followers in this space. This will be totally open source. We will share things like our Mission Statement, SWOT analysis, target markets, operational plans, and potentially even create some kind of focus groups with a few lucky readers.

We encourage your feed back on everything we do. Use the comment sections. Let us know what you think. What would you like to see at the Sexy Burger restaurant? Does the Sexy Burger name work for a restaurant? Where should we be located? Should we be 21+? How bout price points? Anyone know a good ground meat vendor? Share with us to help make the Sexy Burger dream a reality.

We want Sexy Burger the restaurant to be for the people by the people. Just like the Constitution. Or FUBU.


  1. brb gotta go clean this stain off my pants

  2. Ok all better. I'm not sure what excited me more, the possibility of a dream becoming a reality or being mentioned twice in X Mark's Post!

  3. The Only Thing More Exiting Than This is seeing Mr. LickleTickle's grundle