Monday, January 18, 2010

South of the Border Burger


From Wikipedia (shut up, I know this is a cliched opening): Anticipation... is an emotion involving pleasure in considering some expected or longed-for good event.

Pleasure and longing for and good. All great words and emotions. But how to elicit such feelings in your customers? Well, maybe we can turn to the masters of anticipation, the mavens of hope, the practitioners of enthusiasm:

The marketing geniuses behind the South of the Border billboards.

Anyone who has driven I-95 through South and North Carolina knows of these little monotony breakers. At first glance (which occurs about 150 miles north and south of the border) the billboards are curious and amusing (albeit a little racist). As you continue your trek, the billboards continue almost every mile, and the curiosity becomes genuine wonderment. Then you start noticing the mileage countdown in the bottom right-hand corner: 58, 47, 43, 36. The excitement builds. What is South of the Border? Who is this inappropriate caricature spewing these catchphrases and why am I so drawn to him? I MUST KNOW WHAT THIS PLACE IS!!!


No one does it better. Not the writers of Lost. Not Santa Clause and his holiday. Not even strippers. None of these anticipation pushers uses 150 miles of otherwise barren highway to tickle the hope bone of road weary travelers stuck in the middle of the banality of the family vacation.

So in honor of Pedro, anticipation, and the ad wizards behind these billboards, we created a burger that we hope when our customers see the ingredients exploding off the page of our menu they will be transported to their Dodge Stratus on I-95, 5 miles from the border. Pleasure. Longing for. Good.

South of the Border Burger.

  • Taco seasoned beef patty: Hay dios mio! So flavorful. So juicy. So spicy. The aim of this burger was to take the mexican classic and turn it into a burger. So what better way to start than by taking the typical taco filler and mold it into a patty? A spicy, deliciously sexy patty. Just get some store bought taco seasoning and mix it in with the ground beef with a little bit of water pre-cooking.
  • Burger buns/tortilla wrap/tortilla chips: My idea for this burger was to just use regular burger buns and serve the burger on-top of a bed of cheese covered tortilla chips, so when you took a bite of the overloaded burger, the excess condiments would drop to the chips creating nachos. Prof. Purple and Mr. Lickle Tickle went another direction and wrapped the burger in a tortilla creating a burrito style package. Los dos fueren magnifico.
  • Sour cream/salsa/guac/hot sauce: The classic taco toppings. The sour cream, salsa, and guac combine to form a sweet, savory, and creamy Three Amigos like tag team, while the hot sauce plays the role of El Guapo, fiery and handsome. Los juntos, fueren increible.
  • Shredded Mexican style cheese: If you wait to add the cheese to the burger until after it is removed from the grill, you get a less melted cheese that provides a lot more flavor. Even with the gargantuan combination of toppings listed above, a good shredded, slightly melted cheese can shine through and salsa dance all over your taste buds.
Can you feel it? The anticipation? Admit it, you want this burger. You want to pull the car off the exit and shove this Mexican madness down your throat and savor every last spice.

Hasta la proxima hamburguesa.

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  1. MMMMmmmmm Taco flavored burgers for my face!

    Speaking of anticipation...X Mark and Mr. Lickle Tickle should begin preparing yourselves from the best bday presents you've ever received (yes, better than the double sided lightsaber from Episode 1 Mr. L.T.)!!!

    There will be HJ's galore when you unwrap this package! Anticipate a post after this one Burger Mob!