Saturday, January 30, 2010

The ToddSmith: In the Buff Burger

And now for a quick guest post from Sexy Burger friend The ToddSmith. The ToddSmith has been to three burger nights already and as you'll see by his post, has earned this huge honor as our first guest writer. Maybe you could be next...

Delicious Chills!

I couldn’t have been happier that this burger was, “in the buff” because it made it so much easier for it to perform intercourse on my taste buds. This monstrously, sexy burger not only dwarfs the bun it was served on but previous burger experiences as well. As someone whose love of condiments might only be paled by that of the X-Mark himself, I was surprised to find this burger was delicious without extras. The body warming buffalo sauce infused burger was delightfully complimented by a blue and cream cheese explosion stuffed inside the burger. I want to sincerely thank the creators of Sexy Burger for this masterful meat concoction for the only downside to my intimate burger experience was how quickly it left me in the morning.

-The ToddSmith

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