Tuesday, February 23, 2010

$200 for burgers!?!? No sir

This week the world (or probably about 50 richies) ascend on Miami for the Amstel Light Burger Bash hosted by Rachael Ray.  General admission is $200!  There are 28 burger stations and some pretty sweet looking restaurants participating, but $200?  I will make this vow to you Burger Minions: You will never find a $200 burger at Sexy Burger.  Unless Rachael Ray is the actual burger.


  1. Dear X Mark,

    I am writing to you in hopes of one thing. It has been quite awhile since my taste buds have had the pleasure of a sexy burger in my mouth and sliding down my throat. As a Burger Minion, i am looking for a way to get all of the other Burger Minions and the Sexy 6 together for a Saturday Sexy Burger Bash.. This would include: Loud Obnoxious Music, Beer Drinking Games, maybe some nakedness, and yes, Some Sexy Burger. I can help coordinate for this spectacular event, and know all would enjoy the greatness of this forum. Also, Myself and two other Burger Minions have acquired a Cape House for the Week of July 3rd- 10th. The 4th of July falls on a Sunday this year. Sunday "the night of Sexy Burger". I propose that this even be moved to the Land of the Cape for a Sexy Burger Fiesta. Beach Day Drinking and sun burns followed up with, that's right you guessed it. A Sexy Burger Cookout. It will be a day to remember. a Story that our grand childrens children will be telling there own burger Minions. A day of drunken disordealy and some zesty condiments professor purple conjugates. This, and only this is the dream of this Burger Minion. and this Burger Minion needs your help to make this happen.

    Happy Thoughts,


  2. From the sounds of it, a sexy burger isn't the only thing you would like sliding down your throat.