Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things Will Never Be the Same

Music Videos - 2pac - Changes @ Yahoo! Video

(It was a three horse race for the "Change" song to top this post: Tupac, Bowie, and Sam Cooke.  With all due respect to the old guys I decided to go slightly more current, although it's pretty funny how dated this song has become: "Although it seems evident, we ain't ready to see a black president".  Plus, I met Tupac a dozen times when I was at Maryland.)

For those of you who are reading Sexy Burger for the first time, a warm and juicy welcome.  Prepare to have your lives forever altered.

For those of my faithful Burger Minions who are frequent visitors to this space, you will notice several changes 'round these here parts.  In case you are too daft to notice, I will lay them out for you right here:
  1. Colors:  The sidebars are gray (the color of spoiled meat).  The text is black (the color of vegetarian's hearts).  The background is white (the color of mayo, my 3rd favorite condiment).  The borders and title bars are blue (the color of sadness, the opposite of what you feel when you eat one of our burgers).   So maybe they aren't very exciting colors, but this is a work in process so for now at least it is easy on the eyes (although now I'm sure I've ruined the gray sidebars for everyone).
  2. Links under the Logo: Don't be alarmed.  These aren't advertisements (well they are, but it's all shameless self promotion).  Go ahead.  Click on them.  You can trust X-Mark.  One sends you to a page that tells you what we are all about and closes with a fantastic video from award winning Producer the Spot.  The other is a link to our Facebook fan page, which launched last night (2/9/10) and as of this writing (4:00 PM on 2/10) has 131 fans!!!
  3. New Poll: To the right of our posts you will see a whole bunch of stuff.  The top thing is a poll, which at the moment asks for your opinion on where we should locate our potential restaurant.  We hope to change these polls once every two weeks and we actually really value the results.  It is our way of doing some initial market research.  So please vote often (and when you vote for this poll, please vote for Some Place else, the bottom option.  X-Mark hates New England and doesn't want to spend another GD winter here.  Help me out!).
  4. Previously on Sexy Burger...: What once was just a static, yet holy, list of the burgers we have made, is now a dynamic list of links to the original, official posts of each very special, verrrrrrry Sexy Burger.  In the future, when you click on the links and go to the original posts you will also be able to find links to pictures and any associated post about that burger.  Hopefully this will make it easier for our Burger Minions to find a burger they want to try, read about the experience, and make it from the Components section.
  5. Sexy Burger Blogroll: This is a list of all the blogs us bloggers like to read.  They will contain other burger blogs (the Burger Movement is a community effort, you need the masses when you are starting a revolution), but also blogs about other things that we care about (sports, rollerblading, comics, art, music, funny stuff) because we know you care what we are into.  You live for it.  You thrive off of it.  It's also a great way to get more traffic to our website, because at the end of the day, it's all about spreading our Burger Gospel to as many willing listeners as possible.
Well that's about it for now.  This is an ever evolving website, so next week it could look totally different, but there was some pretty exciting updates I was just itching to share with you all.

If you have any suggestions or comments or know any cool new features that Blogger offers, please please please share with us in the comments below, on our brand new Facebook fan page, or you can email us at

And before I go, I want to give big ups to the other 5 of the Sexy Burger Six for their recent efforts: to Mr. Barneby Jones (formerly Mr. Lickle Tickle) for learning HTML code and being a great IT guy; to the Sexy Spot for all her picture and video work, which I think is really gonna set us apart from other websites; to Professor Purple for being a great Sous Chef, even though it is starting to get a little unfair to not just call her my Co-Chef with all she's been doing lately; to the Kid for putting together a great initial draft of our Company Description and Business Plan, I can't wait to share that with the Minions; and finally to the Revolutionary Man for being our Social Network expert and getting Facebook up and running, because as much as I sometimes hate Facebook, I think this is our shot to really grow the Sexiest following on the internet.

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