Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim 1971-2010

Sad news in Burgerville today. Corey Haim, one of the finest film stars of all time and part of the unstoppable duo "Corey and Corey", has passed away.

As children of the 80's, this one hit us all pretty hard (although not really the Spot, she kinda hates the 80's; I know, I know, blasphemous, but please don't stone her to death she's too cute and too good a singer). Not only did one of our idols fall, but it also called into question our own mortality. For we, like Corey Haim, perform God-like work and sometimes when you experience such success, you feel untouchable. Well today, I hate to say my Burger Minions and fellow 80's kids, Corey Haim was touched. By the Reaper.

Knowing full well that the preeminent 80's child happened to also be one of the Sexy Burger Six, I asked Professor Purple to say a few words on her hero's demise. This is what she e-mailed back:

"No words can express the trauma that I am experiencing due to the loss of my great 80s idol. I can remember distinctly falling in love with him when I first saw my now favorite film, "Dream Alittle Dream". He was so adorable with his striped cane...I wanted to get run over by a car

Or was it his "License to Drive" that made my heart pound with excitement?

No I think when I realized his sexy, gothic bod in "Lost Boys", that's when I decided that there was no other man for me...

Mark, I will let you write on the blog because I just can't face the facts... I will leave you with a special connection to my childhood.

My good friend growing up, Jake Perry, also shared my love (actually he was wayyy more invested) of Corey and Corey. He had the amazing chance to meet him when he was able to be a guest on "the Two Coreys".

So few of us could be as lucky as Jake Perry to have spent time with this cinematic genius. Our thoughts go out to everyone who was touched by Corey.

And finally, massive condolences to Corey Feldman. Since last summer, Corey has lost his biggest idol, Michael Jackson, and his former best friend the other Corey. This would be like the X-Mark losing Paul Pierce and Mike Russell. Just a tough tough day for Coreys everywhere.

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