Monday, March 15, 2010

The Fur Burger

I have been struggling with this post about the Fur Burger for a while. What I thought would be one of my favorite burgers thus far, turned out to be a dull, mushy, disappointment. Considering that I am one of the founding members of the SexyBurger Six, some of you might be surprised to learn that I--the Kid--was a vegetarian for about 15 years. Yep, 15 years. And although I now consider myself a proud meat-flag waving carnivore, I still enjoy the occasional veggie burger, or tofu pad thai.

Unfortunately, "enjoy" is not really the verb to best describe what I experienced with our home-made black bean burger. The Revolutionary Man and I loosely followed a recipe from my mother's Good Housekeeping magazine and damn did it look tasty! But we got cocky, and chose not to take Professor Purple's advice to make the patties and freeze them the night before we were going to eat them. We made them on the day of consumption. BIG MISTAKE. We should have known this was a mistake from the get-go, but plowed ahead anyways.

Out of the SexyBurger Six, I am probably the pickiest eater, hence my nickname "The Kid". I eat like a bratty five year old boy, and my diet usually consists of chicken fingers, grilled cheese sandwiches, VERY well done burgers (without sketchy grown up cheeses like gorgonzola, and with lots of condiments, mainly ketchup).

While these fur burgers were edible with copious amounts of salsa and hot sauce, the consistency of these mush patties left much to be desired. What we were chewing felt absolutely nothing like meat. So, given this lack of animal flesh, to me, the one saving grace for this burger was the fact that X-Mark actually ate it. And he didn't think it was all that bad. That really made my day, considering that out of all of us, Mark is the one that is happiest when he is elbow deep in a bowl of raw ground meat. He actually ate our non-meat creation, and unlike a kid, didn't spit it out into napkin, feed it to the dog, or just push it around on his plate. I'm proud of you buddy!

So what have I learned from this experience? Next time around, Professor Purple will be in charge of making the meatless discs using her recipe, and perhaps we will have a backup batch of beef patties in the fridge. See ya next burger--and don't worry, we won't let this disappointment slow the momentum of the Burger Movement!


  1. The Burgers were great last night,,Thanks a munch !!


  2. I GUESS YOU DONT HAVE A CLUE WHAT A FUR burger IS??? right??..
    it is a you like it wet or dry?? figure that out.