Thursday, March 11, 2010

What is SexyBurger?

It is a Blog…

Each week, six friends who call themselves The SexyBurger Six get together to make one ridiculous burger, and then blog about the experience. I know, that sounds a lot like the promo to Julie & Julia, but think of us as Julia Childs in thigh high boots, crotch-less panties, and Hello Kitty Nipple Tassels. Each burger we make comes from a master list of 50+ burgers that we created on a whim. Some were inspired by a single ingredient, others by a certain culture (pop, sub or other), and the rest came from rationally consolidating our favorite meals into a single SexyBurger.

It is far more than a Blog…

Web-logs are so 2004. Luckily, our vision stretches far beyond the limits of any one venue. For now, our website is a blog; but soon, the blog will just be one small part of a one-stop shop for all your SexyBurger needs. Our vision is one of collaboration and creation. It’s one of friends, family and strangers gathering and letting loose. It’s an open-source burger network and we’re going to take advantage of everything at our disposal in order for this dream to come to fruition. If Facebook and Twitter are the day’s fad then we’ll be there. If paddy-caking on rooftops becomes the new craze we’ll be there slapping your hand. We have T-shirts, bumper stickers , coffee mugs , and a whole lot more. We'll whip out a business card if we accidentally touch your bum on the street. We have video footage (ok same video as before, but we like it so much we didn't want you to miss it!) and photo albums. There are scripts for sketches, plans for calendars, recipe books, trading cards, jingles and the list goes on and on. At the very heart of SexyBurger is a guerrilla marketing campaign and The SexyBurger Six will never stop until our SexyBurger logo is more recognizable than Santa Claus, Ronald McDonald, and Mickey Mouse combined.

The Future of Sexyburger

Do we want to be a restaurant? You better believe it. Do we have the means to do so right now? Hell no. Our belief is that our success depends on all of you. If we cook a burger that you like, we hope that you, The Burger Mob, will cook your own version with as many tweaks and substitutions that make sense to your taste buds. If a restaurant ever happens, one thing that we all agree on is that, in addition to our own creations, all of our ingredients will be available in a fully customizable and affordable “build your own burger” section. Finally, we encourage you to experience SexyBurger with people you like…or sometimes even love. Half the fun of SexyBurger is the journey, and travelling alone is just so boring. Once this network has been established, we believe that anything is possible. When opportunity knocks, we will be there in our skivvies ready to open the door. We have the knowledge, the plans, and the skills at our disposal for when that time comes. Until then, we’ll invite you over, cook our burgers for you, and cater your parties. We’ll wash your car, and walk your dog. And if you get sick of us? We’ll still be in the kitchen every Sunday making one ridiculous burger. We aren’t going anywhere, Burger Mob, and we’d like to invite you along for one Sexy ride!

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