Friday, April 9, 2010

How Five Guys Did It

"Sell a really good, juicy burger on a fresh bun. Make perfect French fries. Don't cut corners. That's been the business plan since Jerry Murrell and his sons opened their first burger joint in 1986. When they began selling franchises in 2002, the family had just five stores in northern Virginia. Today, there are 570 stores across the U.S. and Canada, with 2009 sales of $483 million. Overseeing the opening of about four new restaurants a week, the Murrells are proof that flipping burgers doesn't have to be a dead-end job."

XMark will most likely yell at me for this because he thinks Five Guys is a joke. The Spot might side with XMark or turn this funny looking Five Guys owner into a funny looking PhotoShop. The Revolutionary Kid might jump for joy because he thinks these burgers are fresh to the death. The Kid might pretend that she can't eat these burgers because she eats too much meat when deep down inside we all know she wants to maw down. Prof. Purple would try to figure out a way to bring us all together so we can concentrate on making dynamite burgers.

But me - Mr. Barneby Jones, Esq. Jr. - would start dreaming. Dreaming about Sexy Burger 20 years into the future. When Sexy Burger has 1000+ locations around the US and magazines are knocking at our door asking us for interviews. (Personally, I can't wait for PlayGirl to come-a-knockin' so I can cover myself in burgers and condiments and do my Sexy poses - be on the lookout for some Sexy videos in the late summer....).

They'd say 'how did you do it?!' And our simple reply would be "'Cause we're Sexy."

So enjoy this short little piece on the journey Five Guys took from a few small shops in northern Virginia to over 500+ locations in two countries. We hope that one day we'll be posting about a small burger movement that started in a ratty third floor apartment and made their way to the top of the burger chain.

How I Did It: Five Guys Burgers


  1. nice! the layout of the article was interesting and unique. it was like 12 or so different anecdotes.

    you got to make a sexy burger ian. you should try to come to half way to halloween.