Tuesday, April 27, 2010

We Suck And We Owe You

A huge huge huge apology to all our Burger Minions out there.  We f'ed up big time.  It has been far too long since our last substantial post, and unfortunately this still is not one of those.

I assure you this has not been time wasted though.  For those of you attending Halfway to Halloween in 2 weeks (holy shit I can't believe it's almost upon us) you will definitely see what I mean.  For those of you not attending, well I guess this is just a tiny consolation.

GIANT F'N BURGERS!!! (Hat tip to Curty Bram Bram on the link)

No.  These are not exactly Sexy Burgers.  Our burgers aim to harden your members as they harden your arteries.  These monstrosities skip the foreplay and head straight for the left ventricle.

But the mounds of bacon, doughnut buns, fried egg toppings, and overall size of these bad boys make each and every one of them Sexy Burger approved.

I know this doesn't make up for our lack of posts lately, but stay tuned for a little field trip write-up this week, a brand new burger at last, and yet another Black River Sound show staring the Sexy Spot this Saturday at Harpers Ferry (Alliteration bitches!).

Hopefully all our Halfway to Halloween attendees are working their fingers to the bone getting their awesome costumes ready!

See ya next burger!

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