Monday, May 24, 2010

*Battle of The Burgers* Round 2: Pre-Meal Jitters

It happens to the best of us before that big moment. Nerves creep up and the world becomes a senseless blob of atoms and gravity that exist on two distinctly separate planes. Well, at least that's how The Spot and I feel before every big burger and something inside their bones told them that their decisions at these two restaurants were close to that scale.

To diffuse the tension at both restaurants we ordered up some appetizers and worked up a nice, solid buzz. At Luxe Burger Bar we actually rocked out two rounds of appetizers because half the party was starving while the other half had eaten not too long before.

Round 1 consisted of amazing buffalo calamari(photo courtesy of John C. on yelp. We got too carried away to remember to take pics). We would highly recommend these to anyone who goes. X-Mark was also craving some beer steamed mussels made with Sam Adams Lager that he happily faced and gave two thumbs up. It should be noted that we made it a point to go on Saturday night when their drink special was only $4 a pop. Make sure you don't miss the Luxe webpage ( because it is very user friendly and contains a lot of information, including daily specials. Saturday's drink turned out to be a delicious Rhode Island Iced Tea made with Firefly Vodka which has become a crowd favorite over the past couple months. Out of fear of making the wrong decision on an extensive menu we decided to kick back, relax, suck down some cocktails and order a plate of mini wieners, something The SexyBurger girls aren't accustomed to.

At Boston Burger Company we did things a little differently. Rather than go for the ever-tempting Macaroni and Cheese Bites or experimenting with some Terodactyl Wings (a blended sauce of BBQ and Teriyaki) we opted to make two ridiculous bowls of french fries our first course. (Once again photo is not ours. Found it on google images. We need to get better about this, sorry folks).

Honestly, one bowl could have satisfied our needs but the different flavor options were just two enticing. Also, as I previously mentioned, homemade potato chips are the only option as a side with your burger at BBC and the extra fries from the appetizers helped fill this void perfectly. Don't miss out on the French Fry portion of the menu where you'll find such flavors as lemon pepper, greek, chili cheese and so much more; we went with Buffalo Cheese (marinated with Buffalo sauce, sprinkled with mixed cheese, with a side of blue cheese for dipping) and the Garlic Parm (pretty much exactly what it sounds like). The fries were potato wedge style with which I personally have a love/hate relationship. The very sight of a potato wedge peaks my interest and the first bite is always exactly what I imagine it will be like, then the 2nd and 3rd bites are just too starchy for me, and the final bite is awesome once again. It's made me think of a potential side for the SexyBurger menu which would be called "Just the Tip" where you get the full flavored skin of the french fry without the tasteless, bland middle of the wedge. The tips could be flavored exactly the same as Boston Burger Company and the middle could be thrown into the mashed potatoes that we use on the Thanksgiving Burger. On a very important side-note, there was nothing special about the drinks here. They have your standard beers and wine at decent prices ($3 Big Boy PBR Cans were nice), but why mess with a good thing by bringing in a bartender into an already "cozy" dining area.


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