Tuesday, May 11, 2010

These Costumes Make Me Laugh!

This little piggy went to HTH and cried wee wee wee wee all the way home.

Don't be fooled. Even though this Hollywood heart throb was sleeping, he was seriously jacked and could've kick all our asses. Except when the Sexy Six combine our powers - then no one can touch us.

T-shirt costumes for the win!!!

I don't think this is technically a costume....but Swid sure did surprise us with this old school jam circa 1999. You ever been to Ward Hill? That mountain is HUUUUGE yo!

Not only can the Hendricks family sing and play music but they possess a talent for putting together some KICK ASS costumes!

Fred Flinstone mustah been piisssssed that this dirty hippie stole his wife.

Hahaha, these aren't costumes, but just wicked cute dogs. They each tried to dominate each other throughout the night (dogs do this by humping each other) and were just plain buck wild. Aren't they adorable!

Paddy O'Furniture, a drunk Irish man that could handily beat you in a game of golf....and proceed to sell you a luxurious leather sofa.

Larry the Contractor. Don't let that belly fool you, he can build a mean bar, among other sweet projects.

Ahhhhhh!!! It's Jesus. What up JC.



Dayman v Nightman - the epic battle!

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  1. I think Fred Flintstone would have been pissed that some dirty hippie was bangin his daughter. Unless there was some creepy incest spin added to the Flintstones in the later years that I was unaware of.

  2. Old man Flintstone's going to kill that dirty son of a bitch hippie. Man, I'd hate to be THAT guy.