Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Rock Bottom Tour

ROCK BOTTOM - You'll Know It When You Get There

Two Saturdays ago on October 9th, the Sexy Burger 6 celebrated the 27th birthday of one of the blog's closest friends, Lucia "Juici Luci" Scott. Looking to meet the memorability of her 16th birthday while decreasing the amount of trips to the hospital, the crew, Juici Luci and a whole host of friends from high school embarked on "The Rock Bottom Tour."

"The Rock Bottom Tour" was not the official name of Tiger Woods' stay in sex rehab. It was actually a Westboro, MA pub crawl. What makes a Westboro, MA pub crawl rock bottom? Well as my friend in the picture can attest, "You'll know it when you get there."

But this quick post is not about bringing down spirits, it is about lifting and drinking them. It is about providing others in similar rock bottom predicaments with a blue print for success and enjoyment. Here, Sexy Burger is providing you with an opportunity to make the absolute best of a shitty situation. Below, we present to you "The Rock Bottom Tour" pub crawl map complete with suggested drink menu. We wish you safe travels on this journey and good luck in pulling yourselves up from rock bottom.

See ya next crawl!

The Rock Bottom Tour Drink List

  1. Arturo's: Peroni or a Champagne Martini
  2. Sapporo: Saporro or a Sake Bomb (if they let you) or a Mai Tai
  3. Mandarin: Share a Scorpion Bowl
  4. Tavolino: Sangria or a Sicillian Lemonade
  5. Ted's Montana Grill: Killians or a Montana Margarita
  6. Westborough House of Pizza: Split pitchers of Bud Light or Blue Moon
  7. Westborough Package Store: A Nip of your choice
  8. Ye Olde Central House: Schme and T or the coldest beer in town

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