Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Beer Mistress is coming...

From the day I was able to choose my own beer (sorry X Mom and X Dad for taking that which did not belong to me), I have always been an Anheuser-Busch man. When looking to get economically drunk I had my buddy Busch Light. If I was looking for a conversation starter I went Busch Heavy ("Oh that's bad ass bro, you drink Busch Heavy?" is something some dude bros have actually said to me). If I had a little walkin' around money and was feelin' fancy I turned to Bud Heavy. And now in my advanced years as the pounds are not falling away as easily anymore, I have gone on a diet with a strict regiment of Bud Light.

Whenever I walk into a liquor store it is for an AB brand. Whenever I go to the bar I ask for one of my AB friends. The marriage to AB has always been unwavering. Until a fateful day my junior year of college when my friend Can't Stand Ya left me the best voicemail ever: "Dude, hurry up and get to the parking lot (for tailgating). We've got a huge cooler of food and beer and we need someone to eat and drink it!" And that is how I started cheating on Anheuser-Busch with Yuengling.

The reason for my non-burger anecdote is this exciting story from the Wall Street Journal. You see, Yuengling currently is only sold in 13 states along the east coast, one of which is NOT Massachusetts. I have gone months and even years without tasting my favorite beer, so finding out there is even a chance it could be coming to Mass has sent me into a dizzying spiral of beer joy.

So to wrap up this rambling I want to lay down this promise/invitation: The day Yuengling is brought to Mass I will be taking a personal day from work/life/the world to spend a spiritual day with my beer mistress and any Burger Minion out there who is equally excited by this news is welcome to join me in my most intimate of times. And to bring it all back to Sexy Burger, I am also in the process of creating a special Yuengling Burger and would appreciate any suggestions.

Sorry for the diversion from burgers, but I'm busting over this news and I wanted to share it with my faithful Burger Mob.

See ya next burger!
Maybe I should get this with a side of burger

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