Monday, April 25, 2011

Help Out Conor

Hey Everyone,

I created this ChipIn because I wanted to help out my cousin Conor. I thank you for putting him in your thoughts too.


As you may know, Conor was diagnosed and has been battling bone cancer. He's been fighting hard and is well on his way to beating it, but could still use some help.

That's where I hope all of you can come in to lend a hand.

Can you help out Conor by donating today?

My goal is to raise $1,000 by May 7. On May 7, a few friends and I will be running a 10-mile long race up and down Mt. Snow in Vermont. The event, called Tough Mudder, includes 20+ military style obstacles scattered throughout the course. Tough Mudder is going to be insane and I plan to dedicate my run to Conor.

It would be great if I could count on everyone to help me reach my goal. I'd rather think about handing this gift over to Conor as I near the finish line instead of wondering if the last obstacle, electroshock therapy (dangling live wires - some carrying up to 10,000 volts), is going to knock me out in front of hundreds of spectators.

As an added bonus if you donate more than $25 I will put your name in a drawing for two tickets to a Red Sox game on August 16! (thanks to Kyle Graham for the hook up).

It's easy to help. Click on the "ChipIn" button on this page and it will bring you to a form where you can enter your credit or debit card information and make a safe and secure donation right online! This works through PayPal which is a trusted online source. Once all the donations have come in, I will give 100% to Conor. Hopefully it can help with medical bills or whatever else he needs.

Let’s make it happen and help out a great guy!

Thank you for your help and donations - Joe

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