Wednesday, November 9, 2016


*warning - no political content. If you look up the definition of click-bait in the dictionary, you will find this picture.

The Burger Minions have spoken, and they want their Sexy Burger back. Or maybe their youth. Either way, we want to give it to you. Hard. But we're scared.

Scared that we'll build up your hopes, only to dash them again when life sidetracks us. Scared that the world has changed in the past 5 years and maybe we can't keep up with it. Scared that our six packs turn into beer balls. Scared that our work, education, and children will suffer from neglect. Scared that when a potential employer googles our name, this site will come up. But most importantly, scared that we can't live up to the golden standards we set for ourselves when we had nothing else to do but get Sexy. Gone are the days of weekly gatherings. We're no longer down the street from each other, desperate to get out of our parents' houses, and able to stay up all night and sleep all day. So how can we run a burger blog, worthy of the 477 loyal fans who have stuck with us for 1,866 days without a single post? We can't do it alone. But we can with you.

Today, engagement equals collaboration. So here's what we propose: The Burger Minions become the Seventh Member of the Sexy Burger Six. You talk, we listen. After all, you've always been there to listen to us, so why shouldn't it be reciprocated. We're not the only ones capable of brainstorming, creating, and eating; and without you here doing it with us, we wouldn't be here at all.

Let's get started. Here's a real Sexy Burger idea from The Revolutionary Man.

The Burger: The Remix to Ignition
The Concept: Looking to Reignite the spark that is sexy burger, where else would we turn than to the sexually depraved R. Kelly.
The Flavor: Lemonade, obviously. What's R. Kelly known for more than peeing on minors? And what's lemonade known for more than looking like peepee

Feel free to comment on our blog, FB, or Twitter with your own idea for the burger. Don't let your feelings get hurt if we don't respond or take your idea into consideration. It just means it's stupid.